Khristian Araneda

"Derek is a great instructor. phenomenal ear to pick up any riff, phrase and lick from any artist and break it down to you in sections and steps so its easy to learn. He introduced me to the 12-bar blues. We started out as student and teacher and the outcome of that was a great friendship. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to dig in and get a little blues & rock under their fingers!"

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"Derek is an amazing instructor/teacher. His ability to structure lessons for my personal needs and goals surpassed my expectations. He gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to stick with it. Whatever my skill level reaches I will always call on Derek to help me get to the next level. Thanks Derek for teaching me something I've always wanted to do!!!!"


"I've been taking from Derek for over a year now and he's been an invaluable guide on my guitar journey during that time. He has a deep understanding of music theory, technique and tone with an ability to convey that to his students. I've advanced far beyond where I could have on my own in this stretch of time with Derek. I feel much more like a musician rather than a guy who knows how to play a few tabs. I feel I'm developing as a 'whole guitarist'".


"When I started to play guitar I really thought I had no chance in getting very far, but when I started taking lessons from Derek I noticed a huge change. He has taught me so much with the guitar lessons I've had. Hes is really the best teacher I could ever ask for. I'm so grateful that I'm taking lessons from him. He is a great musician, and can help anyone better achieve their goals with playing the guitar. Thanks so much Derek."

Harrison Edwards

"Derek cannot only play and teach anything you throw at him, but also explain the advanced theory and techniques behind songs. We worked on Jeff Beck, improvising techniques and such theory use as sub b5 substitutions."

Harrison Edwards Music


"Great guitar teacher and guitar player, what can I say!!! As a beginner he made me understand and learn how to play music in just a month. One of the things I liked about his lessons is that he focuses on your own personal interest in music. If I haven’t had to moved I would still be taking lessons with him, haven’t been able to find a guitar teacher like him. Thanks Derek for all your help!!"

Jon Martin

"I was looking for a competent guitar tutor to help me prepare for my Berklee Audition. I am now accepted in the Berklee College of Music and I feel it was a very wise choice to seek guidance from Derek Neece as a guitar instructor."


"After only a few lessons with Derek, I noticed big changes in my playing. I like his approach to teaching because it pushes me to do my best. He has a thorough knowledge of music theory that dovetails nicely with his mastery of techniques covering a wide range of musical genres. He is an incredible guitarist and can help you develop your chops regardless of your level."


"Simply one of the best guitar players I've ever met, and I've met a lot. Seemingly fluent in every style from straight-ahead rock to blues to jazz to metal to chicken-picking, Derek is, just as importantly, able to translate to your level, from beginning to advanced guitar. He'll teach you what you want to play--no pointless exercises in styles you don't care about. He's patient, he's reliable, his prices are very reasonable; what more could you ask for? Oh, and here's the highest endorsement I can give: I've been taking guitar lessons with him for years, and will continue to do so!"


"AC/DC has been a big influence on my life so I decided I wanted to become just like my hero Angus Young. I picked up a guiter and I wanted to play but I didnt have a teacher and I found Derek. Derek is as good as it gets. He is a great guy I have a blast with him and when me and him get playing we get down and pumped. He is a great teacher, knows what he is talking about and is freakin amazing on the guitar. He is the best guitar instructor I could ask for and I am glad he is teaching me. Thanks a lot Derek."


"Hi, Derek. Kent really enjoyed his guitar lesson tonight even though he may not show it. He said he 'loved it!' and wants to skip the Main Event (only night event that he wanted to attend) and go to your guitar lessons instead. So if you have an opening tonight, let me know. Kent also said he finally understood some things about guitar (or scales). He said it was like a little guitar bird was flying around and leaped inside his head and he went 'wow.'"


"I believe I've found a guitar teacher who cares enough for his students and has the passion and desire to teach his students to succeed in music and in life. I've so many questions about guitar and how music theory works. Derek really helps me so much and I understand so much more then ever before. I am always looking forward to my guitar lessons, cause I always learn something new every week. If any one is interested and wants to really learn guitar, give Derek a try and you might get more then you bargained for. Thanks Derek for everything!"


"After a couple of years of constantly struggling to learn and understand guitar, I found Derek's ad. I have worked with other guitar teachers before, but never seemed to make any progress. Derek is helping me to focus and find myself as a guitarist. I have learned and progressed more in the past few months of working with Derek than I have at any other time. He places a focus on how and why a song is written as it is, as well as how to play the song. Derek is an infinite source of information regarding all things music and guitar. I look forward to a long working relationship."
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